Kyle is the most understanding counselor I’ve ever had. He is very smart and caring. His counseling is well thought out and he is able to put everything in perspective for you. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a counselor !! He’s far better than any therapist I’ve ever seen.

– 30 year old female

Kyle is such an amazing counselor. I love the way he approaches his sessions. He’s very down to earth and understanding. He always listens to you, but he also knows when to drop nuggets of wisdom that make you think and ultimately see yourself for the better. He is truly one of the most compassionate people I’ve met and he does what he does because he truly wants to help people. I’ve seen other counselors but never had one who gave me practical steps to deal with my problems. I also never had a counselor who helped me to see myself for the better the way Kyle has. I am getting better because of seeing him. I’m learning so much about myself and am dealing with fears and doubts I previously had ran from. I have so much hope for the future now, and it’s due to Kyle helping me to take my life in my hands. I definitely recommend him to anyone seeking a counselor. 

– 24 year old male

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