How Can Counseling Benefit Me?

Are you seeking the person you “used” to be? Feeling lost, hopeless? Are you just not operating at your peak performance? Are you realizing that your relationship is not in a good place? There may be several reasons why you came here but whatever your specific reason, I applaud you.

As with the above image of a wet windshield, outside influences tend to distort things and we do not see things and situations for what they really are. Our reality of ourselves and the world around us is constantly shaped by experiences, both good and bad. We believe this reality is the way things are and we begin to accept it as is while ignoring that we ultimately have control over our perception.

When you begin counseling with me, you will begin to learn that you have a choice. A choice to choose your reality which can give you back control over yourself. This journey is not an easy one and will take considerable effort on your part but by doing so and remaining committed, you will discover a better version of yourself. Are you ready to invest in yourself and into your mental health?

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