What should I expect during our first meeting?

I will acclimate you to the counseling environment and work to ensure you are comfortable and feel at ease. We will usually meet for 50 – 60 minutes each session. If you are bringing a minor, I will want at least 1 parent in the initial session. Need a visual representation? Click here.

What if I am not ready for face to face counseling?

You are in luck! I offer online self-help courses that are designed to take you through the same process I would if you were meeting with me face to face. Click here to learn more.

How often do I need to come?

That will be up to you. At times I will make a suggestion based on my initial assessment on duration and frequency but whether you come once a week, twice a month or less frequently will be entirely up to you. It is your recovery so what you want to see will depend on what effort you put into it.

What if I cancel or need to reschedule?

Life happens, I get it. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment will accrue a no show fee. It is important that any barriers you may have with attending scheduled appointments are communicated with me.

How will I know that my information is secure?

I take great pride in my adherence to client confidentiality. I use a electronic medical record through Theranest. This medical record is secure and HIPAA compliant. All clients will be required to register through Theranest prior to the initial appointment (link will be sent by myself with instructions). There they will be able to complete intake questionnaire along with reading and acknowledging consent to treatment forms. Through Theranest you will receive appointment reminders via e-mail.

I am having relationship problems but my partner does not want to come to counseling, can I still come?

Of course you can! It is common when one partner does not want to come to counseling for various reasons. For any relationship to be successful, each member has to have individual growth which is why I encourage you to come even if your partner is unwilling at this time.

I need counseling for legal reasons, can you help with that?

I do not provide court ordered treatment nor do I provide any expert testimony.

Am I a Christian?

I am a Christian but do not practice Christian Counseling. I have worked successfully with Individuals who were Muslims, Jewish, Agnostic and Atheists. Your religious preference is your choice and you will not find any judgement here. If you are wanting a counselor who specializes in Christian Counseling, I would be happy to provide referrals for you.

How long will I need to be in counseling?

That is something that I will discuss with you because it really depends. I have helped people with only 1 – 2 sessions and I have seen people ongoing for several years. It depends greatly on what you are currently struggling with, what your goals are and the effort you devote to your treatment.

Do you have any other questions? Message me immediately by clicking on the Facebook Messenger on the bottom right of this page or click here.