Private Practice Consulting

In addition to seeing people for counseling I also provide consulting services to individuals who are wanting to start their private practice and those who are already established and want to grow their practice.

Let’s face it, throughout all of the time you spent in college, obtaining your post-licensure hours and time spent with an agency you never were taught how to run a business. If you own a private practice you ARE in business and by definition can call yourself an entrepreneur.

When I got started the #1 thing I wish I would have done is meet someone like me who could guide me along the way so I could avoid making the numerous mistakes I made which cost me both time and money.

I have a few ways in which I want to help my fellow colleagues.

YouTube Channel –> Sommers Private Practice Consulting

Facebook –> The Bro Consultant¬†

Private one on one consulting –> click HERE for more info.

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